Wakal live / 26.01.2018 FABRICA / Treviso – ITALY /

Luciano Benetton e Oliviero Toscani presentano “Fabrica Circus”

26.01.2018 FABRICA / Treviso – ITALY /


Luciano Benetton, Oliviero Toscani e il team di Fabrica presentano il nuovo corso di Fabrica.

“Fabrica Circus 7/7×24”: Fabrica si trasforma in un’arena aperta a tutti dove celebrare l’immaginazione, un luogo di riferimento culturale dove confrontarsi con maestri nazionali e internazionali, una bottega dell’arte rinascimentale che stimola il confronto e suscita domande, e che mette al centro “l’arte del fare”.

Cultura umanistica, comunicazione, food, cinema, arte, poesia, giornalismo, design, spiritualità, natura, musica, politica, economia, neuroscienze, psicologia, scrittura, teatro, “Fabrica Circus 7/7×24” offrirà nel corso dell’anno un’ampia scelta di appuntamenti tra cui quattro festival stagionali multidisciplinari (il primo sarà il 23-24-25 marzo) e un ciclo continuo di conferenze, performance, “confessioni”, workshop, concerti, mostre dove sperimentare la comunicazione moderna.

Un primo assaggio di quello che sarà “Fabrica Circus 7/7×24” avrà luogo venerdì 26 gennaio in un pomeriggio all’insegna di musica, fotografia e arte.


Ore 15.00: Intervento di Luciano Benetton, Oliviero Toscani e del team di Fabrica
Ore 16.30: Opening della mostra di Daniel Stier, fotografo tedesco che indaga il rapporto tra esseri umani e tecnologia
Ore 16.45: Opening della mostra di Noa Jansma, studentessa olandese, fondatrice dell’account Instagram @dearcatcallers, dove denuncia “l’oggettificazione delle donne” importunate per strada
Ore 17.00: Conferenza di Daniel Stier
Ore 18.00: Conferenza di Noa Jansma
Ore 19.00: Conferenza di Wakal, musicista messicano residente a Parigi che nella sua musica campiona i suoni della strada, miscelandoli con ritmi e generi elettronici diversi
Ore 20.00: Concerto di Wakal
Ore 21.00: DJ set di Ackeejuice Rockers, dj/producer veneti scoperti da Kanye West

Ingresso libero, fino ad esaurimento dei posti. Non è possibile prenotare.

Saranno con noi gli amici di Brambù con i loro panini gourmet.

Via Postioma 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)


18 January 2018

“Fabrica Circus 24/7×52”: Fabrica turns into an arena open to everyone, a place to celebrate imagination, a cultural point of reference to meet international masters and professionals, a kind of Renaissance bottega dell’arte, that stimulates discussion and inspires questions, with the “art of making” at its core.

Humanistic culture, communication, food, cinema, art, poetry, journalism, design, spirituality, nature, music, politics, economics, neuroscience, psychology, writing, theatre: during the year, “Fabrica Circus 24/7×52” will offer a wide range of events, among them four multidisciplinary seasonal festivals (the first one will be on 23rd–25th March) and a continuous cycle of conferences, performances, “confessions”, workshops, concerts, and exhibitions, all of which aim to experiment in modern communication.

A first glimpse of “Fabrica Circus 24/7×52” will be on Friday 26th January.

3:00pm: Opening speech by Luciano Benetton, Oliviero Toscani and Fabrica’s team

To follow an afternoon of lectures, exhibitions, concerts and a DJ set with Daniel Stier, German photographer who investigates the relation between human beings and technology; Noa Jansma, Dutch student, founder of the Instagram account @dearcatcallers, with the aim of creating awareness about the “objectification of women” harassed in daily life and Wakal, Mexican musician living in Paris, who samples the sounds of the streets mixing them with several rhythms and electronic genres.

From 7:00pm music performance by Wakal and DJ set by Ackeejuice Rockers, a DJ/producer duo discovered by Kanye West.

Free entrance, subject to availability

Brambù will be with us with their gourmet sandwiches and Porato with frittelle and hot chocolate.



Via Postioma 54/F

Catena di Villorba (Tv)


In his project Ways of Knowing German photographer Daniel Stier takes us inside the world of scientific research to meet the real people whose work, represented in these images by an intriguing array of self-built technologies, holds the promise—and perhaps the threat—of transforming our lives. 

Together with photos taken in 17 research institutions across four countries, the images exhibited here include a series of homemade experiments, shot in Stier’s own studio, that seem to ask us to consider the similarities between the scientist’s domain and the artist’s.

Both domains, lab and studio, are characterized by big questions, obsessive convictions and a high degree of specialization. Now Stier has invited us, the outsiders, to look in. We do so with wonder, dismay and, depending on our disposition, even a certain faith.

Daniel Stier (Germany, 1966) lives and works in London. He studied visual communication at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt and photography at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. His projects have been featured in Wallpaper, W Magazine, The Guardian, GQ, The New York Times, Dazed&Confused, Colors and Esquire. His clients include Volkswagen, Sony, Orange and Norwegian. He has exhibited in London, Paris, New York and Copenhagen.

In August of 2017, Noa Jansma, a design student in the Netherlands, initiated a project to draw attention to “catcalling”, a form of sexual harassment on the street. Jansma created an Instagram account to which she uploaded selfies of herself with each of her catcallers over the period of a month. By bringing together object (herself) and objectifier (the catcaller) in a single composition, her pictures projected a shift in the power dynamic. Dear Catcallers, which went viral just prior to the #metoo movement, has received massive international attention. Jansma’s account currently has some 350,000 followers.

Around the world, social media is emerging as a powerful tool for the communication of social, political and cultural issues. The case of #dearcatcallers highlights its ability to inspire, engage and activate both the individual and society at large.“I made this project about respect and how you behave with people on the street,” Jansma explained in a recent interview. She concluded her month of posting with a proposal to expand the project: “I’m not the subject. The subject is catcalling. I want to show that this happens around the world. But I want to make sure that responsible women do it, because what I do is a bit risky.”

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Noa Jansma is a student in the Man and Leisure Department of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her research focuses on how we shape our most personal time and how we make sense of it. Although her art and design are broadly themed, the female body and social issues are recurring topics.

Jorge Govea, a.k.a. “Wakal”, is a Mexican-born musician, producer and industrial designer.

At the age of 15 he began his musical career in the Rock scene. Beyond his interest for acoustic and analog instruments, in 1998 he started experimenting field recording, demonstrating the tonality and rhythm of street sounds and how they could be mixed with electronic music in order to create a sound nurtured with urban chaos, rhythms and richness.

He is the founder of the Mexican Collective “Chillandgo” and of Konfort Records, label which released his first album “Pop Street Sound”. In 2005, he produced his second album “Desvia si on again”, a personal representation of the migration phenomenon, people changing country and life direction,  while leaving behind their memories, roots and dreams.

He has produced live music for fashion shows in Paris, focused on sound exploration and sound design for spaces and 3D videos with Art-Charpentier. In 2014 he collaborated with Japanese artist Fukuko Ando for whom he produced twelve sound pieces, “12 Robes”, for a 360 degree installation and unique haute couture garments.

He currently lives and works in Paris.

At Fabrica Wakal will present *LIVE ACT* (Urban Mexican Electronic Music). His performance will be a mix of field recordings, sounds of the streets, and popular melodies adapted to dancefloor, electro, cumbia and rock rhythms.

King P and Ali Selecta are a duo of Venetian dj/producer discovered by Kanye West in 2013 while he was in Italy looking for inspiration for hi album “YEEZUS”. Their name is the essence of their music. Ackee is an original fruit from West Africa regions which was imported to Jamaica in the 18th century. Since then, it has become a major feature in Caribbean cuisines and cultures. AckeeJuice means an abstract of these cultures and this is exactly what King P and Ali Selecta convey in their music: the essence of Jamaican sounds, dance, soul and reggae.

Before dedicating entirely to music, both were involved in journalism, fashion and geographical explorations on faraway lands. In 2007 they decided to collaborate pouring their personal experiences of life and using music as a common denominator to create their characteristic sound, becoming the pioneers of the “Tropical Bass” genre.

The fusion of electronic, hip hop, ethnic rhythms and “dancehall” that explodes in their dj sets gives origin to every single production of the duo. They’ve collaborated with international artists such as Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj, Marracash, Guè Pequeno, Mondo Marcio, Lorenzo Jovanotti, amongst others. They were invited to collaborate alongside Daft Punk, Travi $ Scott, Common and many others and have reached top positions of “MTV Hip Hop R&B Top 10”.

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