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Artist: Wakal
Release Date
: February 2006
Format: Vynil

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A “document for nationals living in the country, nationals living abroad and any other person living in any other place”. 

Remixes Paisano is a bridge between two things or two places, is music between countrymen and between friends, is the first publication in Europe made by Jorge Govea Mtz Alias/ Wakal/ in vinyl format

The sound of this material has a clear line of click and cut noise ambient and field recordings, with an urban aesthetic, travel themes, migration, documentation and an exercise of materialize virtual community ties.

The next songs:

“Terraza mantel remix” and “Orale” by Wakal,

“Terraza Mantel remix “ (Plug Remix) by Cristian Cárdenas’s remix

“El Túnel remix” (Karras Remix) by Manrico Montero

Get pleasure from this selection, let the turntable spin and enjoy. Released by MK2 Music and Discograph (France) Discos Konfort and Filtro (Mexico).

File under: Electronica

File under: Electronica


01. Terraza Mantel (Wakal Remix) 
02. Terraza Mantel (Plug Remix) 
03. Orale (Plug Remix) 
04. El Túnel (Karras Remix) 

This EP in Vinyl format is made up of the collaborations of Mexican artists who live in “distant” countries remixing songs by the artist Wakal, mainly it is an album with an experimental sound inspired by sounds from the street. EP released in France by Discograph and MK2 music 2005

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  • gary krivokapich
    6 years ago

    new music needed (extreme) fan in Tucson! mucho gracias!