Wakal / Artist / Music


( Jorge Govea / Artist ) Currently living in Paris-FRANCE

Mexican-born musician, producer, and industrial designer, he began his early musical career in the rock scene, authoring several disks. He has participated in a large number of art festivals since 1991.

In addition to his interest in conventional analogue instruments, in 1998, he began experimenting with noises and outdoor sound recordings. With these recordings, he embarked on a deep exploration of sound, demonstrating the tonality and rhythm of street sounds and how they could be adapted to electronic music.

The year 1999 was a crucial moment for the country’s popular urban identity. This music, together with video images, gave rise to the WAKAL project, a reflection of Mexican society and its urban wealth. In the early 2000s, he participated in the Mexican collective “Chill and go” and Konfort Records. His first album, “POP STREET SOUND,” was released under this label. It blends a variety of electronic music genres such as house, D&B, and down-tempo with street recordings to create a Pop style, a sound enriched with urban chaos, rhythms, and richness.

Around 2003 in Europe, he collaborated with the label Filtro Records and artists such as Plug and Karras to release, under the French cinema specialized label Mk2 Music and distributed by Discograph, a vinyl named “REMIXES PAISANO“. This production sounds much more experimental, deconstructed, and abstract. In 2005, he produced his second album, “DESVIA SI ON AGAIN”, distributed in Europe by MK2 Music . This album explores the worldwide migratory phenomenon and its effect on a population that migrates in search of better living conditions while leaving behind its memories, roots, and, to a certain extent, dreams.

Wakal has also produced live music for Fashion- shows , collaborating with Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and star dancers from Opéra de Paris in 2006. In 2008, he produced an electro-rock EP named “PACAS”, which was released on music-sharing platforms such as “Creative Commons,” along with digital networks. In 2010, he focused on sound exploration and sound design for spaces and 3D videos for other artists or architects, including the ART-CHARPENTIER  architect firm. He produced music for the opening choreography of ASVOFF International Festival in Mexico, a festival focused on cinema and high-end fashion in 2013. Wakal was invited in 2014 to collaborate with Japanese “haute couture” artist Fukuko Ando, designing twelve sound pieces called “12 Robes” for a 360-degree sound installation and unique couture garments inspired by the origin of the universe.

Selective Gigs / Last presentations / Concerts :

  • PACAS – LIVE / LIVE STREAMING / Paris – France 2021
  • WEAVING (THE) COSMOS / ORIENT MUSEUM (Museu do Oriente) / Lisbon – Portugal 2020
  • MEXTRÓPOLI 2019 / Festival de Arquitectura y Ciudad / CDWX – México 2019
  • Luciano Benetton, Oliviero Toscani and Fabrica’s / FABRICA / Venice – Italy 2018
  • Mobile Kino Cine festival / Club Gretchen /Berlin – Germany 20017
  • Performance “AMATERASU” / Lisbon- Portugal 2016
  • Festival ASVOFF / México City – nov 2015
  • La mix BOX Festival / Paris – France 2014
  • La fête de la musique / Paris – France 2011
  • La Mar de Musicas Festival / Cartagena – Spain 2009
  • Trienal de Arquitectura / Lisboa -Portugal 2008
  • Koeln Campus Festival / Koln -Germany 2007
  • Premios Lunas del Auditorio Nacional de México / Mexico – City 2006
  • Fashion Week / Fukuko Ando Collection / Paris – France 2006
  • EM2 2do Festival en Linea de Musica Electronica / Tijuana -Mexico 2005
  • BC Nova Night / Sifo / Barcelona – Spain 2005
  • International JAZZ Festival / Montreal – Canada 2004
  • Cannes Festival CINEMA / Cannes – France 2004
  • Latin Music Festival / Papeete -Tahiti 2004
  • Mexico Sound’s Festival / Tokyo – Japan 2003
  • Transmusicales Festival / Rennes France 2003
  • III Encuentro de Sonidos Electronicos / Bogotà – Colombia 2002
  • Puerta de las Americas Festival / Mexico DF 2001

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